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Bologna, more than a great university city

Bologna university city The University of Bologna was founded almost a thousand years ago, in the year 1088. The faculties of law, medicine, and natural sciences enjoy worldwide fame. Tourism Bologna For centuries, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region has been a...

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Valpolicella, more than wine

Valpolicella, a region in Northern Italy, is ideally suited to enjoy la dolce vita. Preferably outside the high season, given the crowds who flock to this part of the world in the summer. Saying that, almost all places are more pleasant without the masses. But, of...

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3 x snowshoeing in northern Italy

Snowshoeing The winter wonderland of northern Italy is a great place to relax. On the snow-covered mountains, life doesn't get much better. But while it is 20º C on New Year's Day in the Swiss alps (source), I wonder how long I can, in good conscience, continue with...

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A small but great museum in Amsterdam

Did you know that if you buy the I Amsterdam City Card, you get access to most of the top attractions, including more than 70 museums? In addition, the card includes public transport, a canal cruise and bicycle rental. This way, you skip long lines and save your...

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Endless skies on the Norfolk Coast Path

Cley next to the SeaHiking the Norfolk Coast Path The 135-kilometre (84 miles) Norfolk Coast Path runs from Hunstanton north of the county to Hopton-on-Sea towards Suffolk. A distance that a seasoned hiker covers in three days. For the lesser gods, like me, completing...

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Undercover in wolf territory

In search of the wolf Disguised as a granny, I embark on a search for wolves in the German wilderness with Biosphere Expeditions. Through the brothers Grimm, I know that wolves have a culinary preference for ladies of a certain age. So I plan to draw the wolves out of...

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Happiness in a canoe in Cambridgeshire

The ultimate Cambridgeshire canoe trip In a canoe on a sunny weekday in June, we share the Great Ouse river with a handful of swimmers, sunbathers, kayaks and a few pleasure yachts. We have the water to ourselves for most of the route between Houghton and St. Ives in...

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