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Love for the good things in life

In my defence,

the moon was full,

and I was left unsupervised.


This is our blog about things we love. Those are the good things in life: travel, food, books, adventure, chocolate, yoga, photography and the great outdoors. I am Stefania, the face behind this blog. My partner works behind the scenes. We lived in the Netherlands, Syria, Oman, Malaysia, Russia, and Spain, and now we are in the UK.

I am half Dutch, half Italian, and addicted to the magic bean juice. Trying to live a balanced life with a chocolate in each hand.

Did you know that Geographical Dyslexia is a thing? Yes, I am of those geographically challenged people. Google Maps is my saviour.”Directional Disability,” or, People Who Lose Their Way…………. Extreme difficulty following a sequence of directions or retracing a path.

Baffling, I know.

But then, adventure isn’t a place. It is a state of mind. My aim is to arrive at the end of my life covered in scars, laughing and thinking: wow, what a ride.

Have a coffee. Happy reading.


In case you are Dutch or Belgium, visit Zilveren Zusters, a lifestyle blog for the active 50-plus woman.

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