circular cycling route Montes de Malaga

One of the most scenic cycling routes in the mountains of Malaga is:

Malaga – El Palo – Olias – Puerto de la Bolina – Puerto del León – Fuente de la Reina – Malaga. That is if your definition of scenic entails blood, sweat and tears.

Cycling the Mountains of Malaga

Yes, this fifty-kilometre cycle route will pose a challenge for even the most hardened cyclists. However, if you are inclined to cycle this trail, be warned, en route, you will have to conquer two mountain passes and a ‘wall’ with a 17% incline.

No wonder that the Vuelta and the Tour of Andalusia include these Andalusian mountain roads in their cycling tours whenever they can. And yes, you guessed right, this is not for me. I like to cycle in and around Malaga, but strictly on flat land; cycling upwards on a steep slope is too much for me, and downhill, I am shit scared. My son has a different opinion about danger and excessive exercise. So in two hours, he ploughs up the mountain to 940 meters while I take charge of the passenger seat of his support vehicle.

Of course, we will keep the one, and a half meter distance between us and his bicycle as motorists in Spain are obliged by law to maintain a minimum distance between their vehicle and cyclists.

E-biking the mountains of Malaga

Experience the spirit of the mountains and explore the majestic Montes de Malaga Natural Park on a 3-hour tour. Supported by the strong motors of an e-bike, have a remarkable adventure without breaking a sweat.

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the wall near Olias
chapel Olias

Other cycling options in Spain

cycling in the Mountains of Malaga

A circular cycling route in the Montes de Malaga

During weekdays these mountains roads around Malaga tend to be reasonably quiet. Still, at the weekend, it seems that all the coastal population is on her way up, including feisty young women on heavily loaded tracking bikes. For those that don’t cycle, that is a heavy bike packed with luggage. I’m genuinely impressed.

A scenic drive in Malaga

These mountain passes are not only popular among cyclists, bikers and motorists also enjoy driving here because this route is truly spectacular: on the first part to the Puerto de la Bolina, you have fantastic mountain views, and from the Puerto del León, sweeping vistas are overlooking the infinite blue of the Mediterranean.

Montes de Málaga

The Montes (mountains) de Malaga are a protected natural area where almond trees blossom. In addition, oaks, olive trees and pines ensure beautiful greenery throughout the year.

En route is Olías, one of those typical ‘pueblos blancos‘, the white mountain villages characteristic of the Axarquia region. At the entrance of the town, a beautiful chapel keeps watch over all those infidels passing through.

Venta Galwey Malaga

The Wall – El Muro

Ascending out of Olías to the Puerto de la Bolina, after a couple of kilometres ‘the wall’ starts, a nasty piece of climbing has been given its name because it has a 17% incline. Even my car grumbles in protest on this mountain pass.

Apparently, according to my partner, this is ideal for racing down 80 kilometres per hour in the opposite direction. I repeat, just in case you have not read this correctly, over eighty kilometres per hour. That is by bike, not by car.

For me, this is too much information. There are things one would rather not know about their son’s or husband’s activities, and this is undoubtedly one of those.

circular route Malaga - Olias

Practical information

Rest places along the route

Anyway, uphill is ‘fortunately’ a lot slower. Occasionally you dip down, so the hard-won altitude is lost in no time.

But after the wall, soon enough, you will reach Venta Galwey. This fantastic traditional restaurant specialises in game. It is a perfect place to rest because, after this, the route goes mainly downhill through the Puerta de León, the mountain pass between Malaga and Colmenar.

Next is the Fuente de la Reina, the ‘Queen’s Fountain’, traditionally a resting place for travellers because of the supply of fresh mountain water.

On the last part of the mountain range, entering Malaga, you will find Trepaollas, a restaurant with a beautiful view over the Mediterranean and an excellent menu.

cycling mountains Malaga

Malaga beach ride

For a more relaxed trip, try this Malaga bike tour marina & beach.

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