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Ferrol in Northern Spain

Ferrol is a coastal town in the northwest of Spain, in the autonomous state of Galicia. And although Ferrol is as Spanish as my hometown Malaga, the usual Spanish stereotypes do not apply. In southern Andalusia, we have bulls, fiestas, flamingos, sherry, and of course, a lot of sunshine. The dominant colour in the south is blue of the azure sky and the Mediterranean Sea.

1. Galicia

In the north, the Atlantic colours the landscape green. Cold wind and rain set the tone here. The sky often turns grey. No wonder that only a few tourists find their way here. Indeed, if you are a sun worshipper, it is probably wise to choose a different holiday destination. Still, if you like good food, ancient traditions and unspoiled nature, then you are at the right place in Galicia.

This region has an extensive coastline, forming a panorama with steep rock formations, freshwater lagoons, marshes, dune landscapes and picturesque harbour towns.

Northern holidaymakers looking for sunshine might be rare; pilgrims are abundant, on the other hand. They are on their way to Santiago de Compostela, the capital city of Galicia. Its historic centre was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1985. The cathedral is the reputed burial place of St. James, the apostle. En route, you will see the sign of St. James, a scallop. The shell is cultivated along the Galician coast known as Vieira, a local delicacy.

Banksy Spain

2. The Enlightenment in Magdalena

An important starting point of the pilgrimage route starts in Ferrol Vello. Many Britons come ashore here to follow the 118 kilometre-long trail to Santiago, beginning at the medieval port of Curuxeiras.

From the harbour, following the promenade, you enter Magdalena, a Neoclassical neighbourhood with modernist elements. The streets in Magdalena form a perfect rectangle of six roads that intersect nine times. The district ends on both sides in a square.

The district is a classic example of a new way of urban planning that came into vogue during the ‘Enlightenment’. The neoclassical style is somewhat unique in Spain. Although this type of architecture experienced a high point between 1770 and 1840 in Europe, relatively little can be found in Spain.

Ferrol became the most important city in Galicia in the 18th century, when King Ferdinand VI decided to establish here the largest arsenal in Northern Spain, making it one of the great naval ports in Europe. With the Arsenal’s arrival, Magdalena was built to accommodate the influx of people.

3. Marine & Shipping

Although the town is of modest size nowadays, the navy still plays a significant role. The large grey ships keep watch, while the arsenal, the port, the shipyard museum, the naval museum and the captain’s palace (Palacio de Capitanía) bear witness to the glorious maritime past, just like the castle of San Felipe, a fifteen-minute drive from Ferrol.

medieval harbour
Castle San Felipe
naval museum Ferrol

4. The magic of San Felipe’s castle

This military fort built in the 18th century is strategically placed on the estuary of Ferrol. The castle is on the nomination to become a UNESCO World Heritage site. But until then, it is a magical place where one can wander around for hours and, with a bit of bad luck, never come out. The long dark corridors are full of holes, walls and stairs have been tested by time, towers waver above the water. Don’t let this hold you back from visiting the castle, as the ruinous state of the court is part of the magic.

Admission to the castle is free for now.

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Ferrol las meninas
Canido Ferrol
Ferrol las meninas

5. Discover the colours of Ferrol

Ferrol also has a very different, colourful side, where the grey does not get a chance to settle, namely Canido, a district built in a higher part of the city against the medieval walls. The local artist Eduardo Hermida started an artistic crusade in 2008 against the impoverishment of this neighbourhood. He found his inspiration in a creative reinterpretation of the painting ‘Meninas’ by Velázquez, which he considered one of the forerunners of modern painting.

The colourful figures can now be found everywhere in the neighbourhood. Other local and international artists have followed his example, and ‘the master himself ‘, Banksy, has allegedly visited the city. In the middle of the night, he painted two kissing soldiers of the Guardia Civil (military police) on one of the walls. The mural reflects the two women on a wall behind it.

With the introduction of colour, a new era has begun for the neighbourhood. Over the last years, the murals have transformed Canino from a deprived district into one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Ferrol.

Places of interest

Outside the districts of Magdalena and Canido, Ferrol has several other attractions, especially for shipping and marine aficionados:

  • The Herrera gardens
  • Arsenal: tours are with a guide, do carry your ID, as it is mandatory.
  • The Museo de Construcción Navel, marine shipbuilding museum
  • Palace of the Captain (Palacio de Capitanía)
  • Ferrol Shipyard: Astillero Navantia
  • Naval Museum
local traditions
Ferrol naval city
palace Ferrol
fountain Ferrol

Eating, sleeping and going out

Ferrol gastronomy
Parador Hotel and Restaurant
Ferrol seafood
Blabla café
One of Galicia’s greatest assets is the exuberant fish and seafood. Tuna, Bonito, octopus, scallops and prawns are delicious and fresh.

During our stay, we ate at the Parador, Hotel Carrís Almirante, Gran Hotel de Ferrol and La Bodega de Estrella. All eating and sleeping facilities mentioned below are in the centre.

Parador de Ferrol

The atmospheric Parador of Ferrol is part of the Paradores hotel chain managed by the Spanish state. This 3-star hotel is housed in a stately mansion on the outskirts of the Magdalena district, overlooking the department stores of the Navy.

Click here to check prices and availability.

Hotel Carrís Almirante

The four-star Carrís Almirante hotel is centrally located in the Magdalena district.

Click here for prices and reservations.

Gran Hotel de Ferrol

Gran Hotel de Ferrol is located just outside the centre, a 600-meter walk from the Magdalena district. The breakfast buffet is very extensive. The rooms are spacious. The interior is comfortable but slightly dated.

Click here for prices and bookings.

La Bodega de Estrella

La Bodega de Estrella is a restaurant that looks more like a fast-food chain, but the food is deliciously slow.

Address: Avenida Esteiro, 5-7, Ferrol

Café BlaBla

Café BlaBla is one of the many cafes in the city. The current Gran Café is housed in a modernist building from the year 1918. Here you can also enjoy good food.

Adres: Rúa Real 193, Ferrol

So you know, I travelled as a guest of the  Ferrol tourist board to Galicia.

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