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Until a week ago, I didn’t even know solid shampoo existed. Although the bar looks and smells like soap, it works just like shampoo. I know this because I tried one with a lovely lavender scent, handmade by a friend.

This type of shampoo is more compact than regular bottled shampoo. Because at least 80 per cent of the contents of a shampoo bottle is water, this is why a shampoo bar is so convenient whilst travelling. However, even a tiny bottle is easily more than the permitted maximum of 100 ml of liquid that passengers can carry on a flight. Even worse is putting the bottle in checked baggage, running the risk of the shampoo exploding mid-flight, thus ruining your clothes.

Solid shampoo whilst travelling

Solid shampoo takes up less space. You can either take it in your handbag or your checked luggage without running the risk of the bottle bursting whilst travelling. The same applies on a road trip, compact and with no risk of spillage.

But the advantage not only lies in the compactness, but the product is also much more environmentally friendly than shampoo in a plastic bottle (source). There is no need to pack the shampoo in lots of plastic. A paper wrapper will do the trick. The environmental impact of transporting the product is equally less because of its reduced size.

Compact and environmentally friendly

A regular size solid shampoo bar will last as long as three bottles. That’s a lot less plastic soup floating around. Count your environmental gains.

I would love to link to my friend’s website. Regrettably, she cannot offer her products commercially because of the vast amount of European legislation she would have to comply with. Fortunately, several companies sell the product online.

This product is available at various online stores and some organic stores. If your local store doesn’t stock it, do yourself, the environment and your offspring a favour and ask them to supply it as soon as possible to their customers!

When push comes to shove, you can always make it yourself.

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