When time flies

If you are anything like me, you try to forget about time when travelling.

But unless you are one of those really laid back people who take life as it comes, at some point you will need to track time.

You know, that long distance flight that departs with or without you, the room that needs to be vacated before noon or a dinner date waiting for you to show up.

Timeless Scandinavian design

Even though it is not that long ago, a wristwatch was the norm to keep track of time; if you are like most people, you will probably use your mobile phone for a quick time-check.

So why bother to wear a watch when a phone does the job?

Well, I, for one, believe it is still worthwhile to wear a wristwatch, and here is why:


1. fashionable design

To wear a watch is to make a fashion statement, exactly because keeping track of time is no longer necessary.

In fact, watches are one of the few fashion items that (most) men will wear without feeling self-conscious about it.

Whereas for a woman, a watch makes it easy to look like she made an effort. Even if she just wears jeans and a shirt, the addition of a watch makes it look like she tried.

2. convenience & elegance

It also sets you apart as a classy man or woman. Instead of pulling out your mobile phone during a celebratory event or a meeting – which can be considered quite rude by the organisers and participants – a quick glance at your watch is a so much more elegant way to check the time.

3. long-lasting battery

Even better, the battery of a watch tends to last a year or more, whereas your phone, I am guessing, does not.

4. rain resistant

Or imagine travelling through Northern Europe, hiking through the rainforest, or sailing the ocean where dampness will cause your phone to become unresponsive.

The horror!

Now a quality watch will keep working because it will be rain resistant.

5. relax when travelling

But most importantly, when travelling, I really like to relax. With this, I mean switch off completely from the internet, no phone, no roaming, nothing.

I just want to enjoy my destination at face value. I want to be surprised, I want to get lost and discover places that I probably would not seek out if I had Google Maps and Tripadvisor on my phone telling me where to go.

And I certainly don’t want to get distracted by emails, WhatsApp messages and Facebook notifications.

When possible, I elect to travel the old-fashioned way, preferably on a slow train journey, with a paper map to find my way and a watch to keep track of time.

By wearing a watch, I keep the temptation to look at my phone at bay.


Scandinavian design

That is why I was thrilled when contacted by Nordgreen Copenhagen, with the request to write a review of one of their watches, the stylish Infinity watch with brown leather strap ($ 210).

And stylish in my view is very often, even most often, of simple design. Which is certainly the case with the Nordgreen watches. These minimalist time-keeping machines are simple in nature and design and look good while doing what they are supposed to do.

The watch has interchangeable straps. So if you feel one day like wearing a navy blue strap instead of brown leather because it goes better with your outfit you can easily change the straps.

Danish values

Furthermore, these Nordgreen watches are reliable, using a Japanese quartz movement known for being super-accurate and low maintenance. Delivery is super quick. The order was put processed Thursday afternoon, and this Monday morning, it had already arrived at my doorstep in Spain.

My only critique is that the brown leather strap was rather small; it was a tight fight for me. I know I am not exactly a petite woman, but neither am I gigantic. However, upon reading this comment, I was immediately promised a larger strap.

So yes, it is more of a fashion item than a necessity. In fact, it is a fashion statement with its Danish timeless design. All in all, it is a great gadget to have and to hold.

But what I most love about this company is that its owners are inspired by quality and social responsibility. The Nordgreen enterprise believes in giving back. In practice, this means that with every watch purchased, they will support one of three causes: health, environment and education.

In the meantime, I am off to travel the world. Enjoy yours.

Written in cooperation with Nordgreen Copenhagen, as always opinions are my own.

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